One Minute Trip
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Pacific Ocean

From French Polynesia and Palau in the South Pacific, to the Galapagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador... So much to see, a minute at a time. Scroll down for more adventures.

A family of three whales dropped by for a minute, swimming under a pair of small boats and popping up to take a look at who was in them.
Take a minute to enjoy the beauty and grace of sharks. Don't worry. The black-tipped reef sharks in French Polynesia are harmless. In fact, they're kind of shy.

If you have time for an extended vacation (3 1/2 minutes), enjoy watching these convict fish (so-called because of the stripes) as they meander through a coral reef in Tahaa, near Tahiti. Beethoven provides the soundtrack.

Travel to the island of Palau to swim with jellyfish that nature has made without stingers.
The Galapagos Islands gave Darwin the idea of natural selection in evolution. Take a minute to visit them yourself, and see what comes to your mind.
Take your pick!

If you have your own one-minute trips to submit for consideration, please email with a brief description.
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